10 Times The Doctor Who Writers Must've Been High

There are some episodes of Doctor Who that can only be explained by a huge sonic spliff.

Cannabis. Marijuana. Mary Jane. Pot. All different names for the same substance that's renowned for giving its users a heightened mood or euphoria, and making them more relaxed than a sloth in a jaccuzi. Doctor Who fans, however, have always had their own form of MJ and that's, uh, DW. Doctor Who. The Big D...octor. And the longest running science fiction show on television has certainly came out with some episodes that has made fans question what drugs the writers were on, exactly, to produce episodes that were so confusing, or surreal, or just plain dumb. The idea of the Doctor Who writing team sitting round their desks, spliffs in hand, high as the proverbial kite while they throw concepts around the room the night before their deadline is due, is certainly an unattractive one. Many fans surely like to imagine that a lot of blood, sweat, and tears go into each episode with the writers agonising over each line. It's all a myth - what really happens is Moffat and Gatiss smoke fat ones until they come up with something suitably silly; a tradition that has, almost certainly, been held in the highest regard since the very first episode of Doctor Who.

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