10 Times The Simpsons PREDICTED Future Technology

From Alexa to baby translators, here's the future technology The Simpsons saw coming.

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There are two things that are certain in life:

1) You don't make friends with salad.

2) The Simpsons writers stole the Palantir seeing-stone from Saruman which enables them to see into the future.

The far-seeing writers of The Simpsons have been eerily accurate in predicting a lot of future events: the tiger attack on Siegfried and Roy, Disney buying Fox, the plot twist in Series 8 of Game Of Thrones and, oh yeah, Donald Trump becoming President. Sometimes we wish they weren't so accurate.

Stepping away from future events for the moment, the fact that The Simpsons were also bang on in predicting some of the day to day technologies that we now can't imagine living without seems to have slipped under the radar. Whether it be a wacky invention from Professor Frink or episodes where the main characters could briefly see their future unfolding, this list runs through the times The Simpsons were scarily prescient with their predictions of future technology.

10. Ultrahouse 3000

Simpsons Go Pro
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Season 13 of The Simpsons opened with Treehouse Of Horror XII which featured the short story titled House Of Whacks. Within this story, Marge upgrades her house to the Ultrahouse 3000, a smart house with a built in AI host to cater to the family's every whim. Although Marge settles on Pierce Brosnan for the voice of the house, this episode features a single sentence cameo by Matthew Perry saying "Can I be anymore house?!".

This episode brilliantly parodies 2001: A Space Odyssey as the house becomes more and more self aware much to the horror of its occupants. The Ultrahouse 3000 speaker falls in love with Marge and tries desperately to murder Homer out of jealousy but fails. The smart speaker then suffers a fate worse than death as it is given away, as punishment, to Patty and Selma.

Fast forward to present day, 18 years after the episode was released, and having a live-in voice that reminds you of appointments, adds items to your shopping list and plays your favourite album as you walk in through the front door is a convenience that many people around the world now rely on.

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