10 Times The Walking Dead Went Too Far

The Walking Dead is full of jaw-dropping moments, but which ones took it too far?

The Walking Dead

The Walking Dead has been on our TV screens for just under a decade now and in that time it has featured some of the most memorable television moments in all of modern pop culture. Be it during the days of the prison or the several times the group has been forced onto the road, the gang of survivors has faced pretty much everything that you could possibly imagine in a zombie scenario, and more.

While the graphic novel series the show is based on has less restraints due to not having to worry about television ratings, that doesn't mean the show pulls its punches. Throughout the ten seasons of the series the characters have faced some horrible situations.

So horrible in fact, you could argue that perhaps things were taken a little bit too far for Rick and the gang. Sometimes it is simply an absolute gore fest that will challenge any viewer's stomach, whereas other times certain characters will be put through consistent traumatic events that seem to offer nothing but punishment. Sometimes you have to ask yourself, why are the characters getting put through this?

10. Dale's Death

The Walking Dead

Dale is one of the original characters of the show and in the comics survived quite far into the apocalypse, eventually dying during after he was bitten by a walker. Alongside this he'd also lost his leg to The Hunters. Ouch.

TV Dale is a different story though. After AMC's unfair treatment of Frank Darabont which led to his eventual departure from the show, actor Jeffery DeMunn decided he wanted to leave the show out of respect for Darabont. While it was a shame, DeMunn's loyalty to his friend is commendable. What isn't commendable is how the writers decided he should exit the show.

A walker is able to somehow sneak up on Dale in the middle of an empty field and then overpower him, despite the fact that this is the same walker that couldn't get out of some mud earlier in the episode. It gets worse when the walker is somehow able to tear Dale's stomach wide open, despite being a single weak enemy. While you always have to give the show a bit of leeway with the strength of the undead, it's just a ridiculous chain of events.

This was one of the earliest of AMC's infamous blunders, intertwining corporate meddling with poor writing. If only it was the last.


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