10 Times The Walking Dead Went Too Far

9. Beth's Short Lived Return

The Walking Dead

Beth was introduced in the second season of the show but didn't really get much focus until the second half of four, where she and Daryl were put together after the prison was destroyed. It was about time Beth took a more prominent role, as apart from a suicide attempt in the second season she had done little else than interact with Judith and Carl. Her father seemed more concerned with guiding Rick, while Maggie was always busy with Glenn.

So after half a season away from the group, fans were excited to see a transformed Beth rejoin the group. But on the cusp of her rescue, Beth decides to try and stab Dawn which results in her getting shot in the head. While it was a shocking death, subverting expectations doesn't equate to good storytelling. It was tragic, but it would've been more interesting to see Beth and Maggie realise they've both changed drastically. Maybe Beth could blame Maggie for always prioritising Glenn over her. Or maybe question why she never even looked for her post-prison.

It also didn't really make sense. With such a small pair of scissors, what was Beth actually hoping to achieve? It felt like she had forgotten every rule of survival she had spent the last two seasons learning.


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