10 Tiny Details In Futurama You Definitely Missed

Just how closely did you pay attention to Futurama?

Futurama Zoidberg

Even in spite of having the gargantuan shadow of The Simpsons to battle against, Futurama has earned itself a loyal army of fans since Philip J. Fry first got frozen. 140 episodes later and fans are still just as in love with the show, counting down the days until its 2023 return.

Over ten seasons (depending on who you ask), there have been wonderful stories told about wonderful characters, with audiences forming connections with just about every aspect of the show. Even those that would call themselves superfans however, may not have been able to appreciate everything.

Matt Groening’s second show is incredibly nerdy, it embraces crazy science and the most sci-fi of off-the-wall inventions, and as well as creating a future in the year 3000, it filled the preceding 1000 years with history in a weird way. All this to say, there are incredibly specific details in Futurama that have likely gone completely under the radar.

Sure, you claim to love Dr. Zoidberg, but do you know how old he is? Did you spot Wernstrom’s potential link to one of New New York’s supervillains? How about a prophecy that never quite came to be explained? How many of these tiny details did you catch?

10. Star Wars Really Happened (Kind Of)

Futurama Zoidberg

It’s no secret that the creators and writers of Futurama are giant nerds. This has naturally bled into the show throughout its entire run, with the most obvious inspiration being taken from Star Trek. However, that is not the only science-fiction mega-franchise referenced in the 31st century.

Star Wars has also been present in the world of Futurama, as both a movie franchise and a real-world event. When the Planet Express crew visited Past-O-Rama, there was a cinema in the background that advertised Star Wars IX: Yoda’s Bar Mitzvah. However, later in the series, it was confirmed that the events of Star Wars really happened.

The crew battled in a re-enactment of the Sithil War, part of the Sith Invasion of 2865, fighting the likes of Darth Sploder, Darth Urderer, and Darth It-Head, and when they visited Forbidden Planet Hollywood, Bender tried to steal Chewbacca’s feet.

While these are clearly confirmations that Star Wars really happened, it may not have been recorded in history as "Star Wars". Instead, it was known as Galaxy Wars. When Fry, Bender, Leela, and co. went to the cinemas, someone suggested seeing the new Galaxy Wars movie, only for the latter to shoot it down as she wasn’t in the mood for a historical documentary.

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