10 TV Characters Ron Swanson Would Love

Ron Swanson isn't a big fan of people but the few he cares about, he cares about for life.

Parks And Recreation Ron Swanson

Parks & Recreation was filled by some of the greatest characters on TV. It started off with a great ensemble cast that the show didn't really seem to know what to do with in seasons one. Ben Wyatt and Chris Traeger showed up at the end of season two. Then, the show kicked into high gear.

While every character grew throughout the series, and had more than a few memorable moments, it was Ron Swanson who jumped off the screen and into the cultural lexicon.

As the Director of the Parks and Recreation Department in Pawnee, Indiana, Ron was a bit of a conundrum. He was responsible for keeping the department running but desperately wanted to see the entire government demolished. Ron loved cigars, scotch, women with dark hair, breakfast food and the outdoors.

The man lived by a strict code that he rarely, if ever, violated. It infuriated his friends, enemies and workplace proximity associates. Ron was extremely particular about the type of people he was willing to spend time with. As such, the list of people he disliked was long and often got punched in the face, like Councilman Jeremy Jamm.

But there are a select group of characters on other series Ron would enjoy spending his time with.

10. Lucille Bluth - Arrested Development

Parks And Recreation Ron Swanson

Ron seems to have a soft spot for horrifying women who might actually murder him at some point. There was a 75% that if his respective relationships with Tammy I and Tammy II hadn't ended when they did, Ron would have ended up in a shallow grave somewhere. Fortunately, he broke that trend with Diane.

There are few people on any sitcom more horrifying than Lucille Bluth. She does and says things that would make the gang on It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia blush. That being said, Frank would probably end up proposing marriage to her after about ten minutes.

Given how racist and homophobic Lucille can be, Ron would have issues being friends with her at first. But she's also quite charming in her own way. Being that Ron tends to be drawn in by people like Lucille, he might actually find himself spending time with her and maybe even softening her hard exterior. Plus, she does love to drink.


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