10 TV Characters That Disappeared Without A Trace

TV characters who disappeared overnight - Friends' Ben, The Walking Dead's Heath & more!

Friends Ben

Sometimes a TV show has so many characters it's hard for you to keep track of them - and by "you" I mean the writers behind your favourite series.

It's hard to understand how you can create a character out of thin air and then just completely forget they exist, but when shows have multiple writers per episode and an abundance of overlapping storylines and character arcs, it understandably gets a little hard to keep track of everything.

That's what happened with this list of tv show characters; one by one these people have disappeared from their respective stories. Family members and friends alike stop mentioning their presence and any remnant of the characters is completely stripped from the series.

It leaves every fan scratching their head, wondering whether or not they had imagined the person in the first place.

These characters haven't been kidnapped or killed off-screen in an inexplicable way. There is no mystery here for us to solve; these characters have just disintegrated into thin air, almost as if Thanos himself had snapped his fingers.

10. Buzz Hickey - Community

Friends Ben
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After season 3 of Community, when the main cast of characters and crew started dropping like flies, the show struggled to recreate the magic of the previous seasons.

Seasons 4 - 6 saw the writers and creators throw characters at the wall to see which ones would stick... and not many did. By the time the series finale rolled around this habit had gotten so bad that the characters made frequent reference to the strange phenomenon.

The worst example of this came when we were introduced to the character of Buzz Hickey. Hickey was a no-nonsense criminology professor at Greendale Community College with a fondness for drawing duck cartoons.

He was introduced at the beginning of season 5, seemingly as a new friend for Abed after Troy leaves to go sailing. He was one of the better additions to the later seasons, treating Abed without kid gloves in the way that the rest of the characters did.

But when season 6 arrived, Hickey was nowhere to be seen. There was no mention of his disappearance and when newcomer Frankie arrived, the group had no issue with her taking his seat at the table. It's a sad ending for a character that had only just got his foot in the door of the show.

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