10 TV Characters We'd Love To See Return For One Season

We're not ready to say goodbye to these characters just yet.

Squid Game Gi-Hun

As every pessimist will likely utter to themselves once everyday, all good things have to come to an end. Sadly that’s no different with our favourite characters from TV shows, as well as TV shows themselves. While your favourite show may conclude or your favourite character may depart the show - sometimes in gruesome ways - this doesn’t prevent the ever burning desire to continue watching them from burning.

It’s worth noting that characters where the actor has sadly passed away since will not be included in the role simply as we could not imagine any other actor playing that role. This means that characters such as Omar Little (The Wire) and Tony Soprano (The Sopranos) will not be included in the list despite being characters that we would love to see return.

One final thing to note also is that we have also limited this list to only one character per series so while there are a number of characters we would love to see return from the same show we have only selected one of them for this list.

10. Super Hans - Peep Show

Squid Game Gi-Hun
Channel 4

The cult hit British comedy about two pals living together had one of the best odd-ball casts of side characters than any show in recent memory. Whether it’s handyman Mad Andy or suave alpha-male businessman Johnson, the show is full of memorable characters each with a plethora of memorable one-liners that naturally make their way into any group-chat with mates. However, there is one character that stands out above the rest and that is crack-addicted, shop-lifting, pub owner and frontman of the band Super Hans.

Everyone's favourite man-with-a-van, the character, portrayed by Matt King, became a fan favourite often stealing the show from equally brilliant stars Robert Webb and David Mitchell.

The show wrapped up with its ninth season in 2015 but that hasn’t stopped fans from wishing for a new season of the cult classic. Mitchell and Webb have both gone on record expressing interest to revisit the show in ten or so years' time when they are both old so there may be a slight glimmer of hope that fans will get to see Super Hans once again.


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