10 TV Characters We'd Love To See Return For One Season

9. Troy Barnes - Community

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Sometimes two actors work so well together it’s difficult to imagine a life without the two of them sharing the screen. This was the case with the characters Troy Barnes and Abed Nadir in Community who shared a child-like friendship over the course of the show. While both character and actors are great in their own individual rights, the show fared much better when the two characters were together on screen. This was evidenced when the bromance was sadly broken up when Donald Glover, who played Troy Barnes in the cult sitcom, departed to work on other projects during Season five.

While the show continued and was still great after this, unfortunately Abed’s character, portrayed by Danny Pudi, seemingly looked to be at a loose end. The two characters had a rapport together that few others on the show were able to recreate and would often represent every viewer's inner-child with their bunk-beds and shenanigans in the Dreamatorium. It’s very unlikely that the show will return with another season (although perhaps a movie?), however on the off chance that it does, hopefully the creators can convince Donald Glover to reprise his role as Troy Barnes.


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