10 TV Characters Who Got Undeservedly Brutal Deaths

9. Bob Newby - Stranger Things

Stranger Things Bob Sean Astin

Method Of Death

Devoured by Demodogs.

Why It Was Undeserved

Joyce Byers' (Winona Ryder) goofball boyfriend Bob Newby (Sean Astin) had surely the best-drawn arc of any character in Stranger Things' second season.

Initially depicted as a square dullard, he became increasingly tougher to dislike over the course of the season, culminating in him heroically restoring power to the Hawkins lab to save the others.

But of course, it was not a feat without sacrifice, and moments later, Bob is overcome by the Demodogs, who are seen snacking away at his corpse in an offputtingly prolonged sequence.

Given that Bob was literally feet away from safety, and because he was such a nice, boring, regular guy, his death in an insane situation proved all the more difficult for fans to accept.


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