10 TV Characters Who ONLY Appear In The First And Last Episode

9. Delivery/Moving Man - Frasier

Weeds Josh Wilson

The Cheers spinoff enjoyed as much as praise and notoriety as its predecessor, and gave Frasier Crane (Kelsey Grammer) a chance to start over in his hometown of Seattle as a radio show host, alongside being caretaker to his father after he left Boston following the end of his marriage to Lillith.

His eponymous radio show served as an interesting narrative device that helped differentiate the show from Cheers and gave it a different style of comedy due to Crane's high-society minded/stuffy sensibilities having more time to shine.

These sensibilities often clash with his father Martin's working class sensibilities in multiple episodes, and one could argue that their initial misunderstandings were embodied by Martin's rather off-putting Eames chair; a source of comedic jabs throughout the show's run.

That said, the chair is tied to a minor role most fans missed until years after Frasier ran its course: The delivery man who brought the chair in is the same person who picks up the chair in the finale. Played by the late Cleo Augusto, his appearances demonstrate how much Martin and Frasier's relationship has changed over the years for the better.

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