10 TV Characters Who ONLY Appear In The First And Last Episode

8. Josh Wilson - Weeds

Weeds Josh Wilson
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The mid 2000s Showtime dramedy may have gone out with a whimper, but for a time in its first few seasons Weeds was a compelling, sometimes uneven and darkly humorous exploration of Nancy Botwin (Mary Louise Parker)'s venture into selling marijuana to support her family after her husband's untimely demise.

Despite feeling extremely tonally inconsistent at times, its interesting concept and capable cast (featuring the likes of Louise-Parker, Justin Kirk and Kevin Nealon) carried the show across its eight seasons. A large number of characters came and went across its run and while some characters had completed arcs by the time they left the show, others were not afforded this luxury.

This is the case with Justin Chatwin's Josh Wilson, son of Nealon's dimwitted Doug Wilson. The eldest Wilson child was introduced in the pilot as a pot dealer, and once Nancy discovered that he sold the drug to children, she threatened to out his sexuality to his father.

After the pilot, the character was not seen till the series finale, where it was revealed that he eventually became a layer and married a painter named Alan. Once Weeds was picked up for a full season, it was revealed that some contracts were not renewed, and this included Chatwin's, explaining his disappearance from the rest of the show.

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