10 TV Characters Who Would Be Perfect Election Running Mates

You won't reach the top job without a little help...

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Whether you like it or not, the race for the top job in politics ultimately boils down to two individuals duking it out in a war of personalities and policies. But if you want to seize that sweet power, you can't do it without help from a dedicated staff, and perhaps most importantly, a reliable running mate.

But where can you find a good second in command these days? You'll need someone with wit and guile, ambition and self confidence, but a willingness to take a back seat while you ascend the throne.

So many times we've seen politicians undone by their choices of buffoonish underlings who end up embarrassing them with their moronic antics. If only today's politicians had at their disposal this selection of TV running mates. No doubt the modern climate would be a whole lot different.

10. Frank Reynolds

Larry David Curb Your Enthusiasm

He's gluttonous, crude, and his views are antiquated to say the least. But It's Always Sunny In Philadelphia's Frank Reynolds holds many qualities that make him ideal for the role.

First, he's a massive supporter of ingenuity, always quick to jump on board with challenging ideas like Fight Milk and CharDeeMacDennis. Though he may seem like a stickler for the old ways, in actual fact his mind remains vibrant and collaborative into his old age.

Perhaps most importantly, though, he has both the ability and the inclination to bankroll no end of schemes and shady manoeuvres. For the politician who's not afraid to think outside the box, get down and dirty, and expertly wield a toe knife, Frank Reynolds is the ideal partner.

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