10 TV Characters Who Would Make Great Batman Villains

There had better be a lot of extra space still available in Arkham Asylum.

Batman Ash
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A large contributing factor to Batman's continued popularity since the character's creation in the 1930's is the wide array of fascinating villains he regularly finds himself doing battle with. Gotham's gallery of rogues is packed with bold, enthralling characters that act as the perfect counter balance to The Caped Crusader.

However, with the increasing number of interpretations of Batman in pop culture, the ability to present these fantastic villains in fresh and interesting ways is quickly diminishing. Harley Quinn already feels overplayed, and the first cinematic vision of the character debuted less than a year ago.

Later additions to the Batman canon don't tend to be particularly memorable either (Mr Toxic or Emperor Blackgate, anyone?), so clearly there's an issue with just outright inventing new adversaries for Batman too. It might be time to start looking elsewhere.

Thankfully, we find ourselves in the midst of the fabled golden age of television, and compelling characters are in plentiful supply. Whether they're already bad guys in their own right, or simply one tragic origin story away from turning to the dark side, TV has a whole host of characters who could make perfect pre-formed antagonists for Batman when the well of ideas inevitably runs dry.

10. Nathan Stark (A Town Called Eureka)

Batman Ash

Nathan Stark is already moulded in Bruce Wayne's image - a wealthy, successful and athletic genius running an industrial company and forever seen in only the sharpest of suits.

A rivalry between the two, therefore, only seems natural. Stark always played something approaching a more morally ambiguous role in A Town Called Eureka, often more concerned with Global Dynamics' bottom line than the greater good. This clouded vision of the bigger picture could easily be used to set up a confrontation with Batman.

He has access to billions and billions of dollars' worth of gadgets and advanced technology, making him a very plausible threat as a foe and he even has his own contrived deus ex machina resurrection plot device, just like Ra's al Ghul.

Stark's many similarities to Bruce Wayne would serve to illuminate the key differences that they do share, which should help towards keeping the occasionally bland hero likeable. It's been noted in the past that Batman also seems to disproportionately target street crime for a man with such potential scope to fight corruption, so taking on the deluded, narcissistic CEO that Stark could become would definitely make for a welcome change of pace.


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