10 TV Episodes NOBODY Was Ready For

These TV moments left us thoroughly shook.

Game Of Thrones Red Wedding

Sometimes in a TV show, you can see a plot detail coming from a mile away.

Sometimes it's so painfully obvious where a story is going that it's actually difficult to watch events unfold, knowing as you do where the final destination is. But, every now and then, a TV show will give us something so brutally unexpected, it rocks us to our very core.

Also, even if you know a certain thing is coming, that doesn't mean you necessarily won't feel anything when it does.

Surprise or otherwise, these ten episodes of hit TV shows all left audiences completely aghast when they first aired. Nobody was prepared for the emotional torment these dramatic moments would provide us with, and they are still talked about today in the context of biggest TV moments of all time.

Sudden deaths, huge plot twists, emotional confrontations, moments that changed the very fabric of these shows. These episodes all have them in huge amounts and many people are still picking their jaws up off the floor from when they first sat down to watch them.

Spoilers ahead, obviously. Like, major spoilers.

10. Memphis - This Is Us

Game Of Thrones Red Wedding

Set across multiple years in and out of order, This Is Us was a family drama following the lives of three children and their parents.

Jack and Rebecca Pearson (Milo Ventimiglia and Mandy Moore respectively) have a set of triplets, but one of them is sadly stillborn. Believing they were meant to have three children, they decide to adopt a young boy named Randall, born on the same day as their biological babies.

In season 1, Randall reconnects with his birth father William after learning that he has terminal cancer. This leads to an episode called Memphis, where the father shows his son around the city he grew up in.

It's a deeply moving trip down memory lane for William; a double whammy as he confronts his past as well as his present in the form of his son.

Nobody expected This Is Us to go this hard this quickly, delivering an absolutely gut punch right in its first season. Ron Cephas Jones is absolutely fantastic as William, as is Sterling K. Brown as Randall, expertly conveying an extremely complex yet deeply loving father-son relationship.

Have a box of tissues ready for this one.


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