10 TV Finales That Made You Embarrassed You Ever Cared

Well, that was all time well spent!

Lost Finale Jack Locke

Sometimes it's really hard to say goodbye to a TV show you've invested years into, but all good things must come to an end, and while some shows are cancelled and never get the opportunity to end on their own terms, a majority of them are given the heads-up to end the way they wanted

For a number of shows, the ending might not be what you expected, but it was at least a fitting resolution. Some fans wanted Walter White (Breaking Bad) to spend his remaining days in prison; and while endings might never be what you completely expect the one thing we as an audience ask is that they pay off what we've tuned in for.

Entitlement might be an accusation to throw around when discussing how a show should end, but ask yourself this- if you're still watching The Walking Dead, how enraged would you feel if it really all was a dream in Rick Grimes' head?

Bad endings leave us with a numb feeling and can even spoil an attempt to re-watch the shows. Knowing that they will inevitably conclude with a nonsensical ending, makes you feel a little bit of regret for investing so many hours into the narrative of a series.

So let's look at ten TV shows with endings that didn't sit right with audiences, and put a bit of a stinker on the seasons prior.

10. How I Met Your Mother - Last Forever

Lost Finale Jack Locke

For nine seasons, fans of HIMYM were glued to their screens as they watched the questionable Ted Mosby tell the story of how he met the mother of his children.

Aside from the obvious observation that the show strung audiences along for over two-hundred episodes as the show wander through Ted's (often) toxic love life and that of his friends, the show's final introduction and confirmation of the "Mother" would have been a delightful end to the series and finally paid off what the show promised.

Instead, the series finale reveals that Tracy (the Mother) passed away several years before the show took place, and the real story was Ted's ever-loving feelings for Robin.

The message of the show was clear from the beginning, but instead (like most shows that run their course for too long) it forgot what its premise was and became something else entirely. Fans had watched Ted and Robin's relationship and while there was a divide for whether or not they were a match for each other, it still feels wrong that the introduction of the lovable Tracy AKA the titular Mother, wasn't even the main focus of the story.

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