10 TV ‘Mistakes’ That Were Totally Intentional

7. Iain Glen's Dothraki - Game Of Thrones

Game of Thrones Jorah

Iain Glen is an excellent actor, with his performance one of the more understatedly great on Game of Thrones, but what he's not is a native Dothraki speaker.

While the made-up language has 3,000 in its dictionary, courtesy of creator David Peterson, it was still a little short in Season 2 when they needed something to fit the line "take all the gold and jewels."

They sent for an emergency translation from Peterson, but it didn't arrive in time, meaning Glen ended up having to ad-lib the line, which in turn had to be retroactively worked into the Dothraki language. Glen's line, "Mas ovray movekkhi moskay", now means "the loose valuables are for loading", with Peterson getting around the fact that it doesn't make complete sense thanks to the fact Jorah wasn't a native Dothraki speaker.


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