10 TV Mistakes You Won’t Believe Made It To Screen

Evident stunt doubles, bizarre animation, and other TV mistakes that somehow made it to screen.

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During the creation of any small-screen offering, there are a frankly absurd amount of different moving parts.

So, it's pretty much inevitable for a number of accidental errors or oversights to wiggle into the finished product in the end. However, that still doesn't make the moment you suddenly spot a bizarre mistake in the middle of one of your favourite TV shows any less jarring or sometimes quite shocking.

It does not matter how big your budget is, how many times you rehearse a scene, or how long you choose to lock yourself away in the editing suite, small-screen blunders will still find a way to remind audiences that the folks creating comedy, drama, or sci-fi gold for their entertainment are still entirely human.

With thanks to the good folks over at r/MovieMistakes then, here are some truly hilarious, odd, and often quite understandable flaws in some of the biggest and most celebrated TV shows ever to land on your home screen.

So, from pretty obvious stunt doubles, to those just about noticeable times an animated show got unintentionally weird, let's dive into the TV errors that somehow made their way out into the world.

10. That's A Funny Way To Sign A Book - Doctor Who

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It's safe to say that more than a few bizarre and surreal things have gone down in the Doctor Who universe over the years. But arguably one of the oddest Who occurrences you won't believe reached screens, didn't have anything to do with time travel, alien creatures, or sonic screwdrivers.

Jumping back to The End of Time: Part 2 - first aired on 1 January 2010 - Jessica Hynes' Verity Newman can be found signing books for fans of her "A Journey of Impossible Things" novel inspired by her great grandmother's diary.

Look closely at the way Newman scribbles her signature in the copy handed to her by none other than David Tennant's Doctor, though, and you'll spot a pretty strange writing technique.

Possibly because the folks involved didn't want to ruin the pages of this specific prop, Hynes' pen doesn't come anywhere near the page as she's pretending to make the autograph out to "The Doctor."

No wonder Tennant's 10th Doctor looked so gutted in this specific scene. He'd purchased the novel with his own Time Lord cash, took the time to line up, and Newman couldn't even be bothered to press her Sharpie on his pages. How rude.


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