10 TV Moments IMPOSSIBLE To Watch Same Way After This

The widescreen remasters of Friends are a wild ride.

Dexter Saber The Office

It's always fun to revisit your favourite TV shows and discover new details you never noticed before, if not learning about them online from dedicated communities such as /r/TVDetails.

These details could be Easter eggs, sneaky references, or even additional slivers of low-key storytelling you never had a chance of noticing. Or perhaps they might be fascinating mistakes that somehow weren't caught during the editing process.

Each of them, whatever they are, ensures you won't ever watch these TV scenes - many of them memorable and even iconic in their own right - the same way again.

From some of the most beloved and successful TV shows of all time to new on-the-rise hits, these series all left strange and exciting secrets hidden in plain sight for eagle-eyed viewers to catch.

Each is odd and unforgettable enough that you'll never view these scenes quite the same way again, immediately remembering the weirdness lingering around in the frame.

Some you'll wish you could un-see, while others are so fascinating that you'll relish the urge to point them out to your friends at every possible opportunity...

10. Freeze-Framed Jason Bateman - Ozark

Dexter Saber The Office

Let's kick the list off with a really, really weird one from the fourth and final season of Ozark, as discovered by Redditor in-flexible on /r/MovieMistakes.

In the season's very first episode, Marty (Jason Bateman) and Wendy (Laura Linney) meet with Darlene (Lisa Emery) and attempt to persuade her to stop selling heroin.

Yet pay close attention to the mid shot of Marty and Wendy sat at the poker table during the scene - almost immediately after Ruth (Julia Garner) sits down - and you might notice that Jason Bateman doesn't move. Like, at all.

While at first you might simply assume that Bateman is keeping icy still for dramatic purposes, on closer inspection it's actually a straight-up freeze-frame.

Presumably there was a production problem where the original take was unusable for whatever reason, and yet there wasn't time to re-shoot the entire setup.

Instead, Laura Linney was evidently filmed on a green screen and keyed into the shot, all while Bateman maintains the same hilariously glazed-over, stationary facial expression.

It's all the more bizarre given that the shot is lingered upon for around 15 seconds without a cut, rather than editing around it using other camera coverage of the scene.

You probably didn't notice it on an initial viewing, but now it's going to taint every rewatch. So, uh, sorry about that.


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