10 TV Morons Everyone Loves

Joey Since the dawn of the sitcom, moronic characters have almost always been a staple of the cast. When you think of your favourite comedy shows of all-time, it's tough to think of any ensemble that is without its, let's say, slower characters. Even shows which pride themselves on having "smart" leads, a-la The Big Bang Theory (and for the record, the show isn't half as smart as it thinks it is) have their lesser brainy bunch thrown into the mix for good measure. Penny, I'm looking at you. Why is it that ignorance and stupidity can be so often used in place of wit, and we can laugh all the same? I guess it can just be nice sometimes to watch stupid people do stupid things. It's when a television show strikes the right balance of witty, clever characters with just the right sprinkle of lovable idiocy that it truly works. Here's some examples of those colourful sprinkles.

Honourable Mention: Dora - Dora The Explorer

DoraFrom: Dora The Explorer Proof She's a Moron: 'We had such an exciting trip today! What was your favorite part of the trip?...I liked that too!' Can this girl do anything for herself, without asking us for help? Honest to God, do it yourself Dora, you idiot.

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