10 TV Romances That Made Us Feel Ill

Worf And Troi 2370 Ah, TV love. It can be quite spectacular, thought provoking, and uplifting. OR, not. You're watching your favorite show, enjoying the thrills and chills of the story, sometimes thinking to yourself "nah, the writers won't bring those two together, it'll be terrible", and you naively spend your days oblivious to what's just around the corner. Then suddenly, the coupling. You go crazy, yelling up at the TV gods yelling out "WHY???", break stuff, eat ice cream to drown your sorrows. The next phase is denial. - they'll fix it. It's just temporary, it's just to help the story. But they don't. They just don't. It just goes on and on, sometimes it's so bad it turns into a "jump the shark" moment. It's at this moment you vow to yourself you will never get so involved and invested in a show again, that it will be different from now on! And then Game Of Thrones premieres. Damn it. Here we go again...

10. Speidi - The Hills

T1larg Speidi we begin, quite naturally, at the bottom of the barrel. Is this even called a TV couple? I hated both their faces as soon as they came on the screen, watched that first season when everyone cried and there was some story about a tape.... oy. Awful. These two went from boring to scary to simply un-watchable. Why? Why, TV powers that be? Surprisingly, these two are still together. One of them looks like a weird cartoon character, but I think her insides are still human, so technically the couple is "going strong". If by going strong you mean, one is controlling the other, and looks like a creepy hobbit. They were fascinating to watch because you couldn't believe they were real. Could someone really want to expose their lives in that way for everyone to see? How could she stay with him through all the sh*t he put her through? Why would a stunning, sweet girl get plastic surgery to look like a messed up Barbie? Can fame REALLY be happiness? For me, someone who fame has never appealed to, I used to watch this show in awe, perplexed, like Animal Planet. It was a new kind of specie I never saw before - the over exposed, power hungry youths that would do anything for their names in the tabloids. Anything.

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