10 TV Scenes Shot For Real

9. Shaina's Transformation - Kidding

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Jim Carrey's recently-cancelled dark comedy series Kidding features one of the most technically eye-opening sequences in recent TV history.

The season three episode "Every Pain Needs a Name" features a recovering addict named Shaina (Riki Lindhome) who is inspired to fix her life after watching an episode of Jeff Pickles' (Carrey) show "Mr. Pickles' Puppet Time."

This is conveyed through a gorgeous montage sequence in which we see Shaina gradually get her life back on track all while periodically panning back to Jeff Pickles on her TV.

And while the technical complexity of the sequence would suggest it was glued together digitally during post-production, seamlessly flowing between different set-ups of Shaina's apartment while she wears different costumes as it does, the entire scene was pulled off in-camera in real-time.

As the below behind-the-scenes video shows, the two-minute sequence was executed in a true single take thanks to sneaky set transformations and cleverly concealed doubles for actress Riki Lindhome.

All in all, the scene took an entire day to choreograph and involved a whopping 50 crew members. The astonishing end result, though, was clearly worth it.


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