10 TV Scenes You Didn't Realise Were Tricking You

9. That Broken Arm Is Not CGI - The Boys

Stranger Things

One recent TV moment that most definitely was not forged on a computer, however, reared its head in the latest season of the always wince-inducing Prime Video Supe series The Boys.

Coming during the Episode 3 exchange that saw Jack Quaid's Hughie Campbell asking Karen Fukuhara's Kimiko Miyashiro to break his arm in an effort to get off work without drawing suspicion, the actor was so committed to the part that he happily took the literal 'L' for the team on the day... just kidding.

Instead of genuinely breaking his actual arm like a madman or producing the move with some digital tinkering, a prosthetic arm was snuck into the scenario and given to the actor to rehearse with in order to ensure he gave off the realistic amount of anguish in the wake of having his limb snapped.

Sure enough, the fake arm more than did the horrifying trick in the end, leaving just about everyone wincing at home wishing they hadn't sat down to watch "Barbary Coast" with their dinner in their laps.

Job well done.


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