10 TV Series On Netflix That Need Binge Watching

It's the only way to truly enjoy them.

Couch potatoes, commute consumers and Friday night bingers everywhere know that warm fuzzy feeling when you start a new television series. For a while, life is all about delving into a new age of excitement and entertainment, as television streaming comes thick and fast, in the easiest of manners. They call it; Netflix. Like a cold beer on a summer day, pizza on Saturday nights or a Star Wars marathon on May 4th; Netflix is the answer to the laziest of series watchers; a haven of consumption! With film and television streaming available online in parts of Europe and America, Netflix has quickly become to go-to outlet for entertainment consumption, boasting not only their own, original content but some of the world€™s finest and most popular film and television series. Whether it€™s drama, comedy, action adventure or a good old thriller; there is something for everyone on the popular streaming site but with almost 10,000 titles available; choosing what to become obsessed with can get a little overwhelming. Trawling through the options, research what kind of genre you want, actually having decide; who needs it, right? Sit back, relax; we've got this. Here's 10 Netflix series that need binge watching.
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