10 TV Show Mistakes You Can't Unsee

Time travelling cars, to disappearing bullet holes, and those other TV mistakes you can't unsee...


Who hasn't found themselves fully believing they've absolutely gotten everything they needed into a report, essay, or other piece of work, only to realise a little later down the road that you'd frustratingly overlooked a rather annoying error during your mission to get it in on time?

Well, luckily for the average human, those particular small and sometimes rather large mistakes usually don't find themselves being immortalised and repeatedly studied by millions of folks all around the globe. But the same sadly cannot be said of those helping to forge stories to be viewed on the small-screen.

If the minds behind your favourite sitcoms, hard-hitting drama, or larger than life fantasy don't manage to catch a blunder or fault whilst in the process of capturing a certain episode on camera, you can all but guarantee at least one particularly observant individual will spot even the tiniest of flaws in their work at some point in the future.

And sure enough, despite the brilliant creatives who crafted everything from fire-breathing television epics to game-changing depictions of a person breaking bad no-doubt hoping you wouldn't discover these rather specific gaffes, this mistake-filled list is here to change the way you look at certain TV moments... forever.

10. Shattered Glass Suddenly Disappears - Brooklyn 99


Moments before Jake Peralta and Rosa Diaz find themselves getting framed for a bank robbery in Season 4 of Brookyln 99, another rather peculiar development goes down within a, erm... frame.

Whilst kitted out in unquestionably creepy old dude masks, the 99th Precinct detectives burst into the bank undercover with the aim to catch Lt. Hawkins' in the middle of her dodgy operation. And it's here when the group smash their way through a glass door, an action that is even accompanied by a noticeable sound effect just to hammer home their dramatic arrival.

But just one frame later, that very same glass is shown looking completely undamaged. How strange.

Perhaps the shots that immediately followed their shattering entrance were actually captured first. And the glass was simply accidentally broken by one of the overzealous stars in the heat of the moment later on in the day.

It's also pretty hard to edit around such a blatantly battered door, so the call was likely made to just roll with it and hope everyone was too busy chuckling at Jake being beaten to the "everybody down!" and "I wanna see your hands!" punches to notice.

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