10 TV Show Mistakes You Can't Unsee

9. The Magical Jean Vest - Stranger Things


Perhaps just as iconic as the eventual guitar-shredding conclusion to his time fighting the good fight within the unsettling Upside Down was the cool as all hell jean vest Eddie Munson could be found regularly sporting throughout Stranger Things' fourth season.

And it was that particular item of clothing that actually helped Eddie and Steve Harrington bond somewhat in the hellacious alternate dimension, with the former offering the threads to the latter post-bat-attack in Chapter Seven. But in an aptly surreal occurrence, that jean vest actually goes from being in Steve's possession to right back on Eddie's back for a brief moment after a huge rumble rocks the Upside Down crew.

Then, a second or two after Eddie is once again seen oddly donning the denim after hitting the ground with Robin, Munson is immediately found wearing nothing but leather as Steve clings onto the jean vest behind him.

It turns out that vicious demogorgons and Vecna aren't the only supernatural things to keep an eye on in this volatile landscape, magical jean vests are also a particularly strange thing to be found in the Upside Down, too.

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