10 TV Show Scenes Actors Refused To Shoot

These actors couldn't think of anything worse than shooting these TV scenes.

One Tree Hill
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When you break it down, the role of an actor on just about any project committed to a screen is fairly simple. Whilst the entire world around them consists of a whole host of folks doing everything in their power to keep a set lit correctly, the sound humming to perfection, and the shot looking like a million bucks, a thespian need only focus on hitting their mark and nailing their performance with whichever scene partner is thrown their way.

Yet while in theory it's a fairly straight-forward occupation, the potential for drama is never too far around the corner when working with folks who have a habit of summoning up fairly raw emotions at will.

In the case of the following performers, despite putting their all into bringing a character to life and providing audiences with a compelling on-screen journey to sink their teeth into during a TV show, there were simply some scenes that felt like a step too far or a touch too uncomfortable for their liking.

From everyone's favourite couple being thrown down a controversial path, to just not wanting to bite the dust on the small screen, these actors were having none of it when it came to these particular sequences.

10. Matthew Perry Doesn't Think A Strip Club Storyline Is A Good Idea - Friends

One Tree Hill

Though it is still very much considered one of, if not the most successful sitcom ever to grace our living rooms, NBC's ten-season tale of six pals in New York City hasn't exactly aged like a fine wine, it must be said.

Among the many jokes that feel somewhat jarring when viewed through a modern lens, the constant insinuation of Matthew Perry's character of Chandler Bing being gay and that being viewed as a stick to beat him with makes for some uncomfortable viewing in 2021.

Perry himself clearly had at least some sense of just how insensitive this ongoing gag actually was, evidenced in the fact that the star once told the producers to bin an entire episode dedicated to Bing stopping by a male strip club "because he liked the sandwiches."

Said episode would have likely then seen his pals tease and dig him about his apparently controversial love of the joint to the sound of a live audience probably squirming and forcing a few giggles to appease the studio along the way.

Ah, weren't the '90s fun?


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