10 TV Show Scenes Actors Refused To Shoot

9. Idris Elba Is P*ssed At His Exit - The Wire

One Tree Hill

Of the many all-out badasses plying their trade in Hollywood today, it has to be said that Idris Elba ranks fairly high on the list of folks you wouldn't want to go out of your way to p*ss off.

Yet, back when the star was just making his first waves in the industry in the early 2000s, the producers of The Wire clearly weren't too worried about the prospect of brassing of Big Driis. Not best pleased about the fact that his character of Stringer Bell was set to be dispatched in the series, it soon became apparent that it was the nature of his demise that had actually ticked Elba off so.

After Bell was shot by Michael K Williams' Omar, the latter was originally supposed to take a leak on Elba's character. But being genuinely "p*ssed" at this exit, Elba let showrunner David Simon know how he felt about the disrespectful ending. In his words:

"I told him it was absolute tragedy, that it was sensational, and that it wasn't going to happen,"

Sure enough, the future Hollywood megastar got his wish.


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