10 TV Shows Already Cancelled In 2020 (And Why)

Man With No Plan! God Unfriended Me! Better, er, Not Call Saul?


2020 has been a bloodbath for television and web series alike, with no streaming platform or traditional network avoiding the annual cull which turns its less successful offerings into one or two season wonders.

The cancelled series is a strange beast, underappreciated in its time but one which is often fondly remembered in years to come. Who hasn’t wondered what season ten of 2009’s Sit Down Shut Up would have looked like?

Very few people admittedly, so maybe not a great illustration, but the show is actually worth revisiting.

Not everything on this list is likely to become a cult favourite, however, with many of these series cut short due to critical hate and underwhelmed audience reactions. Some were vanity projects, some were always doomed to obscurity by virtue of their impenetrable premises, and some were simply sub-par series which had needed the chop for some time now.

With that in mind, let’s run down the television shows which have already had their winding up orders in the early half of 2020—and take a look at why.

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