10 TV Shows People Need To Stop Sleeping On

Don't let these hidden gems pass us by.


The worst thing that can happen to an avid television watcher is the cancellation of one of their favorite shows. It only adds insult to injury when the show is incredible. But it seems that no matter how much you scream it into your twitter feed, no one else is biting. Shows such as Firefly and Freaks and Geeks are cult favorites that were only discovered after the shows were ripped off the air respectively.

With the competition for what to watch at its all-time high, networks have gotten more cautious with what they green light. If it's not an instant success, it's common for the show to be canceled. As we continue to navigate through an era of reboots and remakes, it can feel as though originality is dead in Hollywood.

However, there are plenty of interesting and creative stories being told on television that are not garnering the attention or notoriety that they deserve. Move over Big Bang Theory and The Walking Dead, because these shows are the up and coming hits. Or hopefully, they will be, if people would just sit down and watch them.


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