10 TV Shows Probably Made Out Of Spite

9. 24: Legacy

Twin Peaks The Return

Belated spin-off series don't come much more perfunctory or begrudging than 2017's 24: Legacy, which attempted to recycle the action-thriller series' real-time formula with a new actor.

This was due to lead Kiefer Sutherland deciding not to return after 2015's mini-series event 24: Live Another Day, where he tried to convince the writers to kill him off, suggesting that Jack could detonate a grenade after surrendering himself to the Russians.

But Fox executives flat-out refused to kill Jack, and so stuck with a hugely recognisable IP and unwilling star, decided to press on with a new protagonist, former Army Ranger Eric Carter (Corey Hawkins).

24: Legacy was born out of Sutherland's refusal to come back, and while he was attached in the ceremonial position of executive producer, he had no creative involvement with the new series.

But amid disappointing ratings and mediocre reviews, Legacy was cancelled after just a single season, the consensus being that 24 without Sutherland simply didn't work, and Fox was daft for even trying.

Fox is reportedly looking into rebooting 24 yet again in the near-future, however, but without resolving Jack Bauer's still-unknown fate, it's most likely doomed.


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