10 TV Shows That Actually Get Better With Every Season

The shows that exceeded expectations every year.

Breaking Bad

Producing a TV show - even a mediocre or downright awful one - is hard work, but harder still is making a series that not only works as a compelling piece of storytelling and filmmaking, but actually finds ways to improve itself year after year.

Shows that get better with each season are a horribly rare breed, especially in today's streaming culture where new series are doomed to be cancelled before they have any room to breathe, but they do exist, and many of them frequently rank as some of the best shows ever made.

From celebrated HBO classics to madcap animated comedies and philosophical dramas, the following shows all found a way to one-up themselves every year, tackling their themes with more confidence, crafting their characters with more compelling depth, and pushing the boundaries of what their stories have to offer.

With that in mind, here are 10 practically flawless TV shows that actually get better with every season.

10. Succession

Breaking Bad

HBO's most recent smash hit, Succession follows the dysfunctional, power-mad Logan family as they vie for the control of a colossal media company in the wake of their patriarch's dwindling health.

Three seasons in as of this writing, the thrilling drama features a slew of career-best performances from Jeremy Strong, Sarah Snook, Kieran Culkin, Brian Cox and more, and with each episode (let alone season) has pushed itself to become the most gripping and consistently surprising show on air.

Relying heavily on acute character development, whip-smart dialogue, and bracing unpredictability, Succession has been impossible to fault since day one, and has proven season-after-season to be a series with limitless tricks up its sleeve.

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