10 TV Shows That Completely Wasted Great Characters

Abandoned love interests, derailed character arcs, and that poor deceased Mrs. Ted Mosby...

Community Pierce Advanced Dungeons and Dragons

There’s nothing quite as frustrating as realizing that a show which is in need of a shake-up has introduced a great new character, only for them to end up totally underutilized in coming episodes. It’s not a rare occurrence: between writer’s rooms adding characters only to forget about them a week later and nervy executives demanding the addition of someone new only to then abandon them soon after, it’s inevitable that some much-loved figures end up written out of television history.

But for audiences hoping to see more of these characters and—reasonably enough—assuming they have been added to the line-up for a reason, this is a deeply frustrating move. A lot of shows feel the need to reinvigorate their cast list after a few stale seasons, and in many cases the addition of a new character can be the perfect compromise.

However, in the case of examples included in this list, it didn’t matter how good the characters were since they were never given a chance to have much impact on proceedings before being shuffled back out of the cast list...


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