10 TV Shows That Cruelly Teased What We Really Wanted To See

TV show moments all fans wanted to see! WandaVision's X-Men, JD returning to Scrubs & more!

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A good television show knows precisely when to give its audience what it wants. But on the flip side, if a show is to keep from becoming a stale, predictable after-thought, it must also keep its fans guessing and thoroughly on their toes at all times. In other words, striking a sweet balance between the two will often lead to TV greatness.

With that being said, though, there have also been those moments over the years where show-runners have found themselves falling into an infuriating trap in an attempt to achieve both of these goals at the same time.

We're talking of course about those instances where a series leads you to believe all your hopes and dreams are about to come true, only to head in another direction that most definitely does not leave your jaw dangling in awe.

Instead it forces you to ball up your fists and stare off into the distance, all while wondering why you allowed yourself to believe in hope again...

From mutants seemingly being unleashed at long last, to Princes we thought were promised, these TV shows knew what we wanted to see, but defiantly laughed in our faces...

10. Jon Snow Taking The Iron Throne - Game Of Thrones

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Coming into the eighth and final season of HBO mega-hit fantasy drama Game of Thrones, a great many fans were quietly confident the one character who appeared to have no interest whatsoever in being the leader of the Seven Kingdoms would be the person sitting on the Iron Throne when the dust had settled.

With Daenerys Targaryen going on a mad one in the closing stages of the infamous final season and Jon Snow being revealed as a Targaryen and the rightful heir to the throne all along, it was becoming increasingly more safe to assume the former Night's Watch member was going to have to bite the painful bullet and slay his aunt/lover en-route to uniting Westeros.

And slay her he did, seemingly setting up a finale that would see a reluctant Jon trying to usher in a new era of peace from the ashes of Dany's King's Landing massacre.

Instead of this, however, Jon was turfed off to The Wall again to appease a p*ssed off Grey Worm, with his one-time brother Bran Stark being voted in as the new ruler of the Seven Kingdoms instead.

Bran wasn't the only one who was Broken after this ending.

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