10 TV Shows That Gave Away Spoilers Immediately

No crystal ball required to tell these shows' future.

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Is there anything more frustrating in life than having your favourite TV show spoiled for you? Than overhearing a conversation about it on the bus, or accidentally reading about it online, or having your best mate blurt out the big ending before you've seen it?

Instant friendship killer, that is.

Imagine how annoying it must be when the show itself spoils something! And in the first few episodes, to boot!

Granted, not all of these ten TV shows gave away huge details early on in their run. Some just dropped subtle hints at upcoming events that only make sense on a rewatch.

However, sometimes they make it so transparents what's going to happen next that you might as have well been sat in the writers' room whilst they worked it all out.

Despite stating the bleeding obvious, most of these shows are still really good. That's because so-called "spoilers" can just be good storytelling, foreshadowing, and the sign that a plot actually makes sense.

Keep your eyes and ears peeled for these hints the next time you catch any of the following ten shows.

Oh, and spoiler warning for this list.


10. Little Drummer Dwight - The Office

Lost John Locke Othello

As much as everyone goes gaga for Pam and Jim, a criminally overlooked love story on the US version of The Office is the one between hapless sycophant Dwight Schrute and stuck-up accountant Angela Martin.

The two initially get together in Season 2, although in secret at first, and continue to date on and off until they get married in the show's final episode.

Aside from their devotion to Dunder Mifflin and their oddness, one thing the pair have in common is the Christmas song Little Drummer Boy. In Season 3's Christmas party, Angela belts the song out whilst Dwight holds the microphone for her in a moment that is as cute as it is mad embarrassing.

As for Dwight, well he's heard humming the song in the show's very first episode, much to the chagrin of Jim.

It's a very subtle piece of foreshadowing that wouldn't have made any sense at the time, but on a rewatch, this is a marvellous hint at what's to come for Scranton's most ambitious man.

And yes, you will now have Little Drummer Boy stuck in your head for the rest of the day.

You're welcome!

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