10 TV Shows That Gave Away Spoilers Immediately

9. Let’s Give Them A Big Hand - Arrested Development

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Saying that Arrested Development is a weird show is a bit like saying taking a shower will get you wet - pretty obvious, and a little uncomfortable.

One of the oddest characters in a series stuffed full of them is Buster Bluth, the youngest son of the central family. His child-like demeanour and lack of social awareness often get him into trouble, including one faithful day when he gets his hand bitten off by a seal whilst out swimming.

Clues to Buster's fate are peppered throughout the first season of the show.

He dates a woman called Lucille, which sounds a bit like "loose seal" if you really try hard enough. A TV report about a Navy @SEAL "attack" plays whilst Buster's left hand is prominently visible. And, in perhaps the least subtle hint of all time, Buster finds an old chair of his that looks like a hand. He then says, "I never thought I'd miss a hand."

This ultra-blatant signposting is very much within the show's convention-busting wheelhouse.

Is it wrong to laugh at a man who suffers a tragedy on this scale? Probably, but that's Arrested Development for you.

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