10 TV Shows That Just Got Cancelled

TV shows recently lost, including The Flight Attendant, Blindspotting, and more.

The Flight Attendant

The survival of any TV show is determined by a wide range of extraneous, unpredictable factors, including budget constraints, scheduling conflicts, audience numbers and critical reception. No show is safe, and the rate at which many TV series have been receiving the axe recently, it's safe to say it's only getting harder to keep them alive.

Of course, there have been other roadblocks put up to challenge the small screen business of late, most notably the SAG-AFTRA Strike, which saw many TV shows of varying quality and popularity unable to keep themselves afloat - due to budget cuts, contract disputes and studio meddling.

All of this has led to one of the most prolific seasons of cancellations ever recorded, with so many shows being cut short the following list could comfortably (and tragically) total 30 to 40 shows lost in the last six months alone.

Making a show and keeping it alive is never easy, but at this point, there's no denying it's harder than ever. And so with that in mind, from victims of the Strike to shows unable to rake in a strong audience, here are 10 TV shows that were recently cancelled.

10. The Flight Attendant

The Flight Attendant

A whip-smart dark comedy based on the same-titled novel by Chris Bohjalian, The Flight Attendant was cancelled in January of this year, despite a two-season run heavily praised by critics and a career-best turn from The Big Bang Theory's Kaley Cuoco. 

The story of an alcoholic flight attendant (Cuoco) who moonlights as a CIA informant after the mysterious death of a passenger, the show was simultaneously hilarious and macabre, a brisk mystery wrapped in a drama about personal identity and existentialism. 

Despite its many highs and thematic bite, though, The Flight Attendant was grounded before season three could take off. Though its second season tied up many loose ends, it's still a shame we won't be seeing Cuoco and her secretive allies in action again. This was a show just getting started.


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