10 TV Shows That Just Got Cancelled

Netflix just went on a cancellation spree.

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We're unquestionably living through a new Golden Age of TV, where more quality small screen content is being produced than anyone can ever hope to keep up with.

And while the embarrassment of riches is most certainly welcome, it does mean that potential viewers might not discover acclaimed shows for months or even years later, by which point their failure to become a wider breakout hit has resulted in their cancellation.

Netflix in particular has been under fire in recent years for their tendency to hastily cancel shows that aren't immediate ratings hits, ironically prompting some subscribers to take a wait-and-see approach to enticing new series, in turn ensuring said shows have less-spectacular opening metrics.

Then again, sometimes shows are cancelled because the audience interest simply doesn't match the massive money spent on production, or perhaps the ratings have been declining year-on-year over multiple seasons and enough was enough.

Whatever the reason, whether suddenly cancelled or more unsurprisingly so, these 10 TV shows were recently given the chop by Netflix or whoever else - and yes, many of them are Netflix shows - much to fans' dismay.

While there's the faint hope that one or two of them could move over to another network, historically speaking such last-minute saves are pretty few and far between...

10. Legends Of Tomorrow

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The CW

After seven seasons comprising 110 episodes, The CW's Arrowverse series Legends of Tomorrow was just recently cancelled, less than two months after season seven finished airing.

The decision left fans irate given that the final season concluded on a huge cliffhanger, though considering that the show's ratings have steadily declined over the seasons, the outcome shouldn't have been wholly surprising.

With season seven's ratings literally a fraction of its viewership in earlier years, and rumours about its cancellation swirling after season six, not to forget the up-in-the-air future of The CW as a network, this was unfortunate but not at all shocking.

Legends of Tomorrow certainly had a solid innings, though it's a shame that fans didn't at least get a truncated final season or even a feature-length special to decisively close things out.

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