10 TV Shows That Just Got Cancelled

9. Limetown

Limetown Jessica Biel
Facebook Watch

The Jessica Biel and Stanley Tucci mystery drama will unfortunately not be returning to screens for a follow-up to its freshman offering as Facebook Watch has decided not to renew it for a second season. The 10-episode series was based on the podcast of the same name and followed a radio journalist who attempted to solve the mystery of 300 people who vanished from a Tennessee neuroscience facility.

According to Deadline, rumour has it that Facebook is attempting to move away from scripted shows and, although it will retain some, in the future it will be setting its sights on more non-scripted content instead - given that it gains better traction with Facebook users. And as Limetown wasn't the only show to be cancelled in one fell swoop by the video-on-demand service (more on that later), that could very well be the case.


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