10 TV Shows That Just Got Cancelled

10. The Dark Tower

The Dark Tower
Warner Bros.

A project initially envisioned as a companion to the 2017 film, The Dark Tower series was due to see Idris Elba reprise his role as The Gunslinger, but following the critical failure of that film, Amazon bought the series rights and redesigned it to serve as a reboot - with EastEnders and Nightflyers star Sam Strike set to play the role instead (and Jasper Pääkkönen taking over The Man In Black from Matthew McConaughey).

However, it was only just revealed that Amazon have decided not to move forward with the project which, considering Stephen King's wonderful source material, the talented cast and The Dark Tower's chance for redemption, is a darn shame.

On that note, don't give up hope just yet, as the production company MRC is attempting to shop the two scripts to other networks. Here's hoping it works out.


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