10 TV Shows That RECAST Major Characters

10. Robin Hood - Once Upon A Time


Tom Ellis may be busy making people hot under the collar as DC's Lucifer Morningstar in the eponymous Fox/Netflix series, but did you know that he once played a different legendary character?

Ellis originally portrayed Robin Hood in a single episode of the second season of ABC's fantasy series Once Upon A Time but whenever the showrunners wanted the character to return for a more prominent stint, he was unfortunately unavailable. As a result, he was replaced by another former EastEnders star as Sean Maguire took up the bow and arrow for the remainder of the show's runn, shifting between recurring and series regular positions as his character attempted to win Regina's heart.

While Ellis would have no doubt thrived in the iconic role, there's no denying that Maguire was a worthy replacement as he effortlessly personified everything Robin Hood stood for.


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