10 TV Shows That Went From Great To Terrible SO FAST

They only needed one bad season (or one awful episode) to undo all their good work...

Sherlock Benedict Cumberbatch

Some shows really do drag their feet when it comes time for their decline.

Not every series can stick the landing and remain as gripping as ever throughout their final instalments, sure. But sometimes a show really does take its sweet time letting viewers down (cough The Simpsons cough).

It’s always disheartening when this occurs as longtime fans of the show can often convince themselves, like Homer with his suckling pig, that it’s still good despite the show’s best days being long gone. That’s why it’s sometimes better for a show to simply fall apart fast.

At least, that seems to be the mindset behind the show runners of the series that are listed here

In cases likes these, shows go from unmissable to unwatchable in a few episodes, a few scenes, or even one misjudged moment.

These are the shows which were derailed in an instant and never reclaimed their once impressive status amongst critics and viewers alike after the fact. Some struggled on for many more seasons, some ended almost the moments fans jumped ship, but all ten of these shows went from great to terrible right quick.

10. True Blood

Sherlock Benedict Cumberbatch

In 2008 vampires were having a cultural moment and American Beauty scribe Alan Ball was ready for it. Adapting the cult novels by Charlaine Harris, the screenwriter created HBO’s bloody, campy hit True Blood as a direct riposte to Twilight’s anodyne teen romance.

If The Vampire Diaries was “Twilight, but the vampires f***”, then True Blood was “Twilight, but the vampires f*** without the censorial asterisks”. Sweaty, gory, and genuinely racy, the show’s hot and heavy action was aided by once in a lifetime chemistry between real life sweethearts Anna Paquin and Stephen Moyer as well as a star making supporting turn from Alexander Sarsgaard.

What could go wrong?

Well, vampires viewers could handle. Serial killers? Sure. Mind readers? Alright...

Werewolves? Maybe...

Shapeshifters? Just about....

But f***ing faeries?!

The reveal of Sookie’e true nature really shouldn’t have come about after a season break when fans were unsure whether to stick with the series. Too absurd and fanciful even for this campy show, this twist drove viewers away and the show never regained them before its flat, disappointing finale.

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