10 TV Shows That Were Infuriatingly Cancelled In 2021

4. Truth Seekers

Cursed Katherine Langford Nimue
Amazon Prime

It truly seemed like a horror-comedy series co-created by and co-starring Nick Frost and Simon Pegg simply couldn't miss, and yet, despite scoring solid reviews from critics, Amazon's Truth Seekers never made it past one season.

Last February, Frost announced on social media that the show wouldn't be returning for season two, a decision he quite aptly called "a massive kick in the willy."

Frost didn't elaborate on the reasons for the cancellation, though considering the sadness he expressed at it not returning, it was almost certainly a result of lower-than-expected viewing figures.

Considering the solid marketing might Amazon put behind the series and the obvious appeal of seeing Frost and Pegg back together again, it's surprising it wasn't more of a ratings success.

With its winning combination of ominous mystery, offbeat humour, and game performances, Truth Seekers clearly had a lot more left to give, but alas it wasn't meant to be.

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