10 TV Shows That Would Have Been Better On HBO

10. Married...With Children

Married...With Children was at its best early on when the showrunners were determined to dispel the myths of the typical American television family, and try to push the limits of decency in the process.

The problem was that eventually the show ran out of limits to push. It didn't take long before Married...With Children settled into an increasingly stale series of elaborate scenarios and character cliches that would turn the show into the one-liner fueled, generic piece of television that it originally set out to lampoon. It's not hard to see how a channel like HBO could have helped that. Had Married...With Children debuted on HBO instead of FOX, we would have had a sitcom that was truly positioned to change the face of the average television sitcom rather than just flirt with the edges of decency and then settle down.

By having no real content restrictions and fewer episodes a season, the talented cast and crew of Married...With Children would have had the perfect environment to conduct their unique brand of raunchy social commentary. Also, we might have actually got to see an episode of the hyper-violent Psycho Dad rather than settle for some background audio.


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