10 TV Shows Totally In Denial About Being Over

These shows really need to accept defeat...

Billions Paul Giamatti Damien Lewis

The making of a TV show is very tricky business, regardless of whether the series in question is a dud or a masterpiece. They require large crews, an army of writers, a confident studio willing to hand out an acceptable budget, and they need to be able to adapt to unavoidable change.

When everything comes together for a show, the results can be divine, especially for those who've worked tooth-and-nail to bring their vision to the small screen.

It can be difficult, then, for some shows to call it a day at the right time. Sure, some are cancelled long before their time, but perhaps equally as tragic are those shows that keep running despite being way past their prime and without a substantial enough audience to justify their continued existence.

Such is the case with the following 10 shows, the vast majority of which have enjoyed phenomenally popular and critically lauded runs, but have inexplicably kept going past their peak, seemingly unable to call it quits...

10. The Walking Dead

Billions Paul Giamatti Damien Lewis

Whilst The Walking Dead's mainline series is coming to an end next year with its eleventh and final season, the franchise itself is far from over.

Fear the Walking Dead, for example, is about to enter its seventh year, with current showrunner Ian Goldberg stating the show isn't going to end there. The main series is also slated to live on in the form of a movie trilogy starring Rick Grimes, and a sequel series centred on fan favourites Daryl Dixon and Carol Peletier.

All of this might excite some fans, but between the long delays of Rick's solo outings and AMC's desire to keep the franchise moving despite its increasing lack of original stories, there can be no denying that The Walking Dead would do best to end with its last season, and have that be the final stop in the franchise.

Unfortunately, though the final season itself seems to have some tricks left up its sleeve, The Walking Dead as an IP looks doomed to repeat itself until it officially loses all meaning.


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