10 TV Shows Which Refused To Give Fans What They Wanted

No Matter How Often They Asked, These Fans Were Never Satisfied By Their Favourite Shows.

Star Trek Enterprise Finale Crew

Fanbases can be extremely difficult. One minute, they love a show and are happy to sing its praises to anyone who will listen. The next, they hate it and will tell those same people that it's the worst thing to ever happen to humanity.

Some critics have labelled modern TV fans as entitled, willing to change their opinion on a show as soon as they don't get their own way. But, considering how many times hardcore TV viewers been let down in the past, can you really blame them?

TV history is full of shows that refused to give in to the demands of its fans. Sometimes this was for the best, as fans wanted something that wouldn't have fit the show at all. Sometimes calls came for something that was just plain impossible.

However, in other cases, perhaps some series would have been better off if they actually listened to what its admirers were saying.

For better or worse, the following ten shows all made huge oversights in the eyes of its fanbase and, in doing so, changed the way it was viewed forever.

10. All Of The Possible Doctors - Doctor Who

Star Trek Enterprise Finale Crew

Every time it's announced that the actor playing The Doctor in Doctor Who is stepping away from the role, fan speculation runs wild on who their replacement could be.

The long-running sci-fi show has brilliantly avoided issues with recasting through its regeneration mechanic. The Doctor's rebirth is also a bona fide way to generate buzz around the show and draw new eyes to it.

However, for every actor who is cast in the role, there are dozens of fan favourites who get snubbed.

Ever since the show returned in 2005, fans have circulated the same few names time and time again in lists of their dream castings. Richard Ayoade, David Harewood, Rupert Grint, Benedict Cumberbatch, and so on and so forth.

Whenever these people don't get cast, there is always some kind of backlash. Whovians can be particularly touchy when it comes to their show, especially its main character. It's hardly surprising that they can judge a new actor solely based on who they aren't.

Unfortunately, fantasy castings are often just that - a fantasy. Many of the names put forward by fans are way too famous to sign on to a show like Doctor Who, but that sure won't stop people complaining about it online.

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