10 TV Shows Which Refused To Give Fans What They Wanted

9. Johnlock - Sherlock

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If Tumblr had its way, then the majorities of the latter seasons of Sherlock would just be the detective and his assistant making goo-goo eyes at each other.

Fan theories that Benedict Cumberbatch and Martin Freeman's characters were romantically linked (or at least interested in each other in that way) were present throughout the show's run.

The internet was flushed with fan fiction, art, and theories about the pair eventually getting together on TV. But, in spite of all the fan pressure, they never did.

The show's creator Stephen Moffat has said on multiple occasions that "Johnlock", the couple's ship name, was never part of his plans. He has said that he wanted to keep as true to the source material as possible, in which Holmes declines all forms of romantic relationships in order to focus on his work.

Still, that didn't stop the disturbing fan art from coming.

Fans remained eager to see Johnlock materialise on screen right up until the show's end. Even Watson marrying Mary Morstan wasn't enough to silence them.

With the show now over, Johnlock superfans will never get to see their beloved couple appear in canon. At least they'll always have the fan art.

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