10 TV Shows You Need To Binge Watch Right Now

1. Twin Peaks

Sex Education

Where To Binge: Hulu (or NowTV in the UK).

Twin Peaks is absolutely the most unique show on this list, and certainly the one that's best enjoyed by binge watching.

A deeply disturbing, bizarre, challenging drama about the murder of a young woman, Twin Peaks starts as an intriguing procedural series, before turning everything on its head and introducing elements of the supernatural, strange dreamscapes and ominous clues to an abundance of local mysteries.

Of course, Twin Peaks isn't for everyone - it's a David Lynch project, after all, where answers are hard to find and the genre-switches come at almost a scene-by-scene basis - but for those willing to take the journey to the Black Lodge, it's a deeply rewarding and enrapturing experience you won't ever forget.

And when the original seasons are done, why not go deeper and challenge yourself to its even-better sequel Twin Peaks: The Return? It truly has to be seen to believed. Happy binging.


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