10 TV Shows You Should NEVER Watch Alone

Some TV shows are just too much to handle on you own. You should bring a friend with you.

American Horror Story

There's nothing quite like sitting down after a long day at work and watching a TV show. Sometimes you're in the mood to reconnect with an old friend, to re-watch a show you love and haven't seen in awhile. Other times, you want to try out a new show. Maybe that one you heard someone at work waxing lyrical about or the one with all those great reviews.

But you should be careful, because certain shows are simply not meant to be watched alone.

There are some shows so truly and fully unsettling that they leave you nervous, maybe even a little scared. Whether it's with friends or family, some shows are meant to be watched as part of a group so you can get through the bad vibes they leave you with.

If nothing else, you might need someone to cuddle for a little while.

10. The X-Files

American Horror Story

The best days of The X-Files are long behind it but the classic seasons are still something special. Following FBI agents Mulder and Scully as they looked for the truth about alien life and more, it blended police procedural with science fiction and horror in a seemingly effortless fashion. In reality, putting that show together was a lot of work but well worth it.

What makes The X-Files such an enduring, creepy journey is the constant feeling that something is out there. It tugs at every paranoid theory that lives in the back of your mind, genuinely making you ask yourself what is fact and what is fiction in the series. The underlying premise of the show is that the government is hiding the truth from people. That's something that nags at even the most sane person.


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