10 TV Shows You Should Stop Watching Before The Final Season

Not all seasons were created equal...

OITNB Season Six

There’s nothing more upsetting than the slow heartbreak you feel as you watch your favourite show descend into absolute rubbish.

What started off as something you couldn’t wait to watch each week, or that carried you through the day excitedly awaiting your post-work binge-watch began morphing into something that caused you nothing but pain. It’s the ones you love that hurt you the most, eh?

No show is safe from eventual decline: just as the once great Ozymandias fell into the sand, your favourite show may one day be destined to fall into the bin.

Whether it’s a change of writer or showrunner, a poorly thought-out killing of a central character or even circumstances completely beyond control of the production team, there’s a million and one reasons why some shows just lose their appeal.

By the time we find ourselves limping over the finish line, it’s no longer a labour of love but a call of duty- and that’s if we even make it that far!

You know what they say: “kill your darlings”, and sometimes it’s best for your sanity to quit while you’re ahead and save yourself the painful acknowledgement that your favourite show just isn’t what it used to be.

This being said, here’s some of the very worst culprits: 10 Series You Should definitely Stop Watching Before the Last Season.

10. Community

OITNB Season Six

First airing in 2009, Dan Harmon’s ensemble cast sitcom has a total of six seasons. Set in a fictional community college in Colorado, the show is known for its pop-culture references, loveable characters and self-aware humour.

Within the first few seasons, the show garnered a bit of a cult following as well as several awards, including a Critics' Choice Award for Best Comedy Series in 2012. However, by Season Four, things started to go downhill.

Creator and showrunner Harmon was fired and his absence was clearly visible in the production of the fourth season. By the time he was re-hired for Season Five, all the signs were there that they should probably be wrapping things up.

Unfortunately, the joke had been made over and over again about shows always having “six seasons and a movie”, so in a way it was completely inevitable.

Yahoo! Screen came along and renewed the show for its sixth (and hopefully final) season. Audiences didn’t gel completely with the new characters, they missed Troy and Pierce and overall a lot of people agree that the whole season felt forced and lacked the charm of the show’s earlier seasons.

Season Six was a disappointing end to an otherwise great sitcom, and honestly you’re not missing much if you decide to tap out at the end of five and take that as your ending.


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